hardwood floor in living room

There are many types of wood floors.

Traditional hardwood floors are made of wood such as Oak or the very resilient and beautiful Brazilian Cherry. There are many different finishes and shades of hardwoods in varying hardnesses. Newer options include renewable options such as bamboo and cork. There are also beatiful engineered hardwoods which hold up better in areas with moisture such as kitchens bathrooms and basements. With so many options how will you know which floor is right for you? Our flooring professional will be more than happy to show you options and discuss the best choices for your situation. A few simple questions help narrow the field.
  • Will the wood be in a low moisture (upper floors) or high moisture area (baths, basements etc)?
  • What is the subfloor made of?
  • Will the floors be in a high traffic area?
  • Are there pets to consider or family members that are hard on surfaces?
  • What type of lighting does the room have?
  • What type of surface look do you like? Smooth, scraped, narrow, plank etc.
We carry so many options for wood flooring. Our free in-home professional consultation will make the decisions easier for you as we can explain the best options.  Let us help you find the beautiful solid wood or engineered wood flooring choices that are right for you!